A few times a year, we design and brew beers destined to lead double lives—first as a brewery fresh beer and second as a beer that will be oak barrel aged for months or years at a time. This long and intimate contact with oak, once used to house wine or spirits for as many as twelve years, creates a symmetry and interconnectedness among the wood and the beer itself.

As the seasons unfold throughout the year, the humidity and temperatures evolve, and the history and flavors of each become one. This working of the wood and the evolution of this liquid and solid is the foundation for our ongoing WoodWorker Beer Series and the inspiration for The WoodWorker Holiday Market.

Baerlic’s WoodWorker Beers are sold in our taproom as available and in limited quantities in Portland area bottle shops. We will be releasing some new and vintage WoodWorker Series bottles at our annual WoodWorker Holiday Market. See you there!